I AM Italian wedding photographer based in the charming medieval city of Ferrara. Serbian by passport I moved to Italy in 2009, to complete my archaeology studies. To many people, I seem serious at first glance but really easy going and light-hearted on the second. I am curious and witty, adventurous and artistic. I become an absolutely ridiculous person when there are animals around.

Born in a small city in southern Serbia but feeling most at peace with myself when I am by the sea. I drink great amounts of coffee a day just because I like the taste of it. I love knowledge and I adore reading. I am a nomad in heart and love travelling. I truly believe that nothing is changing us more profoundly than travelling and getting into contact with different cultures and lifestyles. I love plants but quite desperate when it comes to gardening…that didn’t make me stop trying though. What inspires me?. As great Ansel Adams once said, all the people I have met, all the places I have visited, all the books I have read, all the movies I have seen.

I got into wedding photography almost by a chance. I was asked to be a second photographer by a local photographer, and the rest is history. I see myself rather as a storyteller and my style as a mixture of editorial and photojournalism. My aim is to build a bridge of trust between us and tell your tale in the emotional and spontaneous way, just letting the events unfold freely in front of me. Connection and empathy are the two most important ingredients for perfect storytelling and I promise you that I will put everything I have into telling your story. I am based in a cahrming medieval city of Ferrara in northern Italy, but I am also more than ready to travel anywhere job takes me.

YOU ARE open-minded, passionate, curious and humorous. You like to travel and meet new people. You can open yourself to others and let them connect with you. You are not afraid to let it go and show your feelings. You enjoy little things in life and see the glass as half full. You love art and cinema. You are an animals lover and enjoy spending time outdoors. You are a traveller and are not afraid of the unknown. You dreamed of getting marry in Italy and now you are searching for the right person to tell your wedding story.


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