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The saying goes: “There is no place like home”… But what does it mean word “home”?. For the most majority of people, home refers to a place of the birth. Not for me, never was. For my nomad soul, home is where your heart is, where you feel at peace with yourself, where when you come back you take a deep breath and think “Oh yes, I am at home”. I was fortunate enough to experience this feeling twice in my life, the first time in California while standing on a beach and looking the Pacific near Cambria and while driving through the countryside of Ostuni in Puglia.

Puglia is a province in a southern Italy known for its whitewashed cities, kilometers of some of Italy’s finest¬†and most beautiful beaches, extraordinary cuisine, Primitivo wine, Trulli houses and absolutely breathtaking countryside in tones of red (soil) and green (olive trees). This was my third time in Puglia and my¬†first time in the province of Brindisi. I was looking forward to this trip so much. Visiting Ostuni and Alberobello was on my bucket list since forever!. One of the things you have to know about Puglia, is its almost perfect climate, 300 or more sunny days a year…well we were not that lucky since almost during the whole stay it was raining cats and dogs and we spent most of our time indoors. However, even the Zeus himself couldn’t prevent me from enjoying my stay in this absolutely wonderful place. It is here where I saw the most beautiful sunrise (road Santa Maria di Leuca – Otranto), ate tastiest pastry (pasticciotto), saw most ancient olive trees (2000 years old), fell in love by a storm in a city (Ostuni), felt like at home, met some of the most beautiful people who I am fortunate to call friends now.

Until the next visit…images from Ostuni, Alberobello, and Mattinata.


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